6 Apr 2011

Marie Hannon - "Nil aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin"

126 presents:

“Nil aon tintéan mar do thinteán féin.”

126 Open Studio Residency Project: Marie Hannon

April 6th - April 9th, 2011

Opening Reception: Tuesday 5th, 7pm

“Traditions and ways of life associated with bogs stretch back beyond folk memory to the very roots of our society. They are an essential element of our cultural heritage, and are important to our understanding of ourselves as a people and a country.”

Protecting the Raised Bogs of Ireland
Environment, Heritage and Local Government 2011

126, Artist run gallery is pleased to present new work by Marie Hannon, completed during a three week residency in the Queen Street gallery.

During this time frame the space was treated as an artists studio. The space was open during normal gallery hours for the duration of the project, in which members of the public were encouraged to visit, observe and converse with the artist at work. We hope that this helped foster an environment where the public could engage with, and gain a greater insight into the contemporary creative process. The project culminates as an exhibition for the final week.

Marie Hannon graduated from G.M.I.T in 2010 with a First Class honors degree in sculpture. Her practice is primarily concerned with the environment that defines who we are as a society. Themes of the domestic, displacement, confinement, struggle and the damage of silence are frequent in her work. Marie works mainly in object manipulation, drawing and photography.