10 Apr 2011

'Let's see what happens: Part 2'

Here we go again!

126 Artist run gallery invites you to:

'Let's See What Happens: Part 2'

April 12th - April 16th

@ 126 Gallery, Queen Street, Galway

After the great success of the first ‘Let’s see what happens’ week, 126, Artist run gallery is again transforming its Queen Street gallery space into a hub of events for another week this April. Hosting a range of educational, unusual, fun and informative events the board aims to move away from its usual pattern of consecutive exhibitions and open up the space to different kinds of happenings. 126 is looking to explore new possibilities for the gallery and step beyond it's usual comfort zone to 'see what happens' as a result. All are welcome and events are free unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday April 12th

TerriBAD Movie Night DOUBLE FEATURE: The Room + Birdemic: Shock & Terror

€5 / €3 for members

126 & artist-led initiative Angry Hammers present the TerriBAD Movie Night a double feature of infamous films so bad they're good. The evening kicks off with James Nguyen's Birdemic: Shock & Terror, a romantic thriller in which a small town comes mysteriously under attack from eagles and vultures, but who will survive Birdemic? From Wikipedia: "
Birdemic has been noted for its poor quality."

The main feature for the evening is a screening of notorious cult film The Room variously described as "so very bad that it becomes riveting" and "the Citizen Kane of bad movies". Written, directed, produced and starring auteur Tommy Wiseau, this film has to be seen to be believed. Don't forget your spoons.

BYOB. Popcorn will be provided and shouting at the screen is encouraged.

Proceeds from the evening go towards Angry Hammer's inaugural exhibition In The Asphalt City, a group exhibition of Galway based talent practising in the field of contemporary visual art coming this July.

Wednesday April 13th

'It Was All A Bit Black & White' - Live audiovisual performance.
7pm – 11pm

It Was All A Bit Black & White are a post rock, experimental instrumental band. By using loop stations, effects pedals, and synthesizers, they look to create a rich, textured atmospheric sound and move away from more conventional ideas of what a rock band should sound like.
Their performance in 126, entitled ‘Birds’, will be made in conjunction with visual artists Steven McGovern and Matthew Sutton, as the group create a one-off, improvisational audio visual collage in the Queen Street gallery space.


Thursday April 14th

Artist Led Reading Group
2pm - 4pm

An artist led reading group, steered by board member Victoria Smith, will meet to discuss What is the point of Art Centres Anyway?  126 members, artists from Engage studios, Arts Space studios and directors various of art spaces in and around Galway will be among the participants.  The talk is also open to all members of the public, to take part in or observe.  Please email contact@126.ie to indicate your interest in participating in this reading group to receive the text in advance of the reading group, all members welcome. The text will also be availbe at www.126.ie
Refreshments provided.
How can thought face 'its own task'
The fall of the Soviet Communist party and the unconcealed rule of capitalist-democratic state on a planetary scale have cleared the field of the two main ideological obstacles hindering the resumption of a political philosophy worthy of our time: Stalinism on one side, and progressivism and the constitutional state on the other. Thought thus finds itself, for the first time, facing its own task without any illusion and without any possible alibi(Giorgio Agamben, 'Notes on Politics' in Means without Ends, University of Minnesota Press, 2000 p109)
The art centres, museums and galleries have usually simply been the vessels within which this [Art] activity is housed. Occasionally however, the places where art happens have also been the creative engines for a rethinking of the categories of visual art and the role of artists; of how visual culture can alter personal consciousness, and even change the world. 
Charles Esche  What's the Point of Art Centres Anyway? – Possibility, Art and Democratic Deviance. [Text]

Adapt Galway presents:
What are you thinking?”
An evening of art and events in alternative spaces

Seminar and Discussion
7.30 - 9.30pm

126 hosts an evening talks and discussion concerning Adapt Galway and the potential use of slack spaces by the creative sector in Galway city.  Joining us to provide their insight and experience of working with similar projects around the country, will be representatives from other artist led initiatives including Occupy Space in Limerick, Exchange Dublin Collective Arts Centre. Dr Patrick Collins of NUIG and the Western Development Commission will also be speaking along with Lise Ann Sheahan, formerly the driving force behind the Creative Limerick initiative.  
Coinciding with the talks and discussions, a collaborative exhibition will be held in the Niland Galley, Merchants Road, curated by Austin Ivers, lecturer in GMIT, comprising of artists from the various Adapt coalition members.  The Niland Gallery is an Engage Art Studios project and is made possible by the generous support of the Niland family

Eight Bar and Restaraunt will be launching Transforming Ireland, an exhibition this by Carol Anne Connolly
Adapt Galway is a coalition of visual arts organisations. These groups are working together to create a united vision for the visual arts in Galway.
Adapt GalwayLorg Printmakers, Artspace and A-Merge, and has been endorsed by Tulca Season of Visual Art, Average Arts, MART, Féach Steering Committee, Live@EIGHT, and welcomes the support of other interested organization involved with visual arts in Galway.

Adapt Galway has to date identified and supports the following key campaigns:

1. The use of appropriate vacant spaces in the city centre for creative purposes.

2. The development of a temporary Centre for Contemporary Art (Féach) in the docklands in the next 2 years. With the aim of creating a permanent Centre in the same area.

3. The re-purposing of the Connaught Laundry as a working arts facility to house Lorg, Groundworks, a sculpture centre, residential studios, meeting rooms, offices, exhibition space and more. This can be achieved in a phased development and would facilitate the sharing of resources and information in the visual arts.

4. The creation of a festival of independent practice that for a month freely associates groups of artist-led projects.

Friday April 15th

Micheál Conlon - 'Parking Area Strategy Development (Undergoing Steady Modernisation)'
9pm – 3pm
From 2001 to 2005 a young ambitious male worked a regular nine to five, forty-hour shift from Monday to Friday. He did not work weekends as the premises was closed and during the week received all legal daily lunch breaks in accordance with the national employment rights authority. He was paid the minimum wage and availed of his four working weeks paid annual leave for his holidays. This company had an irritating problem with public commuters benefiting from the spacious car-park on their premises and so hired this employee to deter motorists from taking advantage of their facilities. His solution was to deny entry to the public by holding a twenty-foot rope across the entrance from his work cabin, which obstructed the motorists and only allowed access to those of his discretion. Upon receiving his minimum amount of notice before his dismissal, he was commended and praised on both his work ethic and inventiveness by the company.

Mitch Conlon presents satirical and absurd socio-political anthropological investigations into the delusions that our society place their certainty in. The misconception of the community that their alternative at puzzle-solving is a legitimate auxiliary option can contribute to a collapse. By searching to dismantle the flux and folly of these systems, Conlon’s work is presented in flippant deadpan performative interventions that highlight this sense of isolation and confusion.

Ann Maria Healy - 'SpeakERR'
4pm – 6pm

To err: To be mistaken, to be incorrect, to go astray in thought or belief

SpeakERR is a new performance by Galway based visual artist Ann Maria Healy about how perspective can fuel isolation. It explores an inability to communicate, fears of saying the wrong thing, the futility of waiting until you know you're right.

Ann Maria Healy is a visual artist based in Galway, Ireland. Graduating from Galway & Mayo Institute of Technology in 2009 with a first class honours in fine art, sculpture, her practice includes live performance, installation and photography. Her work explores the bodies’ relationship to space and time, in particular focusing on cycles, how they affect and shape our lives. She has shown both nationally and internationally, recent work includes Amanda Coogan’s, Yellow – Re-performed as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival, Right Here Right Now - Irish Performance Art at Kilmainham Gaol and a residency at the Live Art Development Agency in London.

Fergus Byrne - 'Loop'
7pm – 8pm

The performance Loop uses intense physical activity and spoken text to create a dense layering of experience in a relatively short space of time. Byrne’s interest in the practice of stillness, life modelling and the examination of movement have produced this work which uses, as sound accompaniment, ‘I am sitting in a room’ by Alvin Lucier and found text from 19th century medical documentation of Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of human and animal locomotion.

Saturday April 16th

Fergus Byrne - 'Duet drawing'
11am – 2pm

This drawing workshop explores the possibilities within partner drawing.
What can be learnt from another person’s hand?
How much do we take for granted in our own way of drawing?
How close can we get to seeing with another person’s eyes?
The session will commence with a physical warm up to loosen the body before people begin to work on drawing. Please wear loose fitting clothes in which you can move. Physical work will not be too strenuous but a willingness to participate is essential.
20 places available
Fee: €10
To take part, contact: contact@126.ie

126 Karaoke and Kinect Evening!
6pm – late

To round off the week, 126 will be hosting an evening of fun, frolics and bad singing! Come along and have a go belting out some of your favourite hits on the 126 jukebox with our evening of karaoke. Or for those less keen on displaying their singing talents (or lack thereof!) have a go on the X-Box Kinect game which uses a camera and fancy new motion sensing technology to put YOU in to the actual game!

For more information on any of these events, email contact@126.ie or check our Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=59630853618