18 Aug 2008


G126 presents:


new work by Niall de Buitléar

August 21st – September 13th 2008

OPENING RECEPTION: 7pm Thursday August 21st

Accumulations is an exhibition of sculpture and drawing that have been produced through the labour intensive accumulation of simple elements. The sense of growth of the work over a period of time is essential

The sculptures use pre-processed materials; the artist is interested
in their transformative potential. Central to the sculpture are the
relationships that are formed between the found material, the
processes of construction, and the resulting forms. The sculptures are
essentially abstract but are intended to be suggestive of various
structures such as cells, fungi, landscapes or cityscapes, and
standing figures. Large drawings are composed of simple, geometric
elements; Freehand drawings lead to a distortion, away from the
geometric towards the organic.

Niall de Buitléar was born in Dublin in 1983 where he currently lives.
After graduating from D.I.T. with a BA in fine art in 2006 he was
awarded the year-long graduate residency at Flaxart Studios in
Belfast. His work has recently been shown at the Lewis Glucksman
Gallery, the Lab in Dublin, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Queen
Street Studios in Belfast, and at the Contemporary Art Centre in
Vilnius. This summer he undertook residencies at Ard Bia Berlin and
Limerick City Gallery of Art.


G126 is a democratically run, artist-led gallery and project space in Galway, which promotes experimental artworks that wouldn't be shown in conventional institutions such as commercial galleries.

Unit 11, Ballybane Ind Est
Tuam Rd. Galway Ireland

Gallery hours are Thursday to Saturday 12-5


17 Aug 2008

Voted most fashionable

126 exhibiting artist Rainer Ganahl is featured in this months Elle magazine:

15 Aug 2008

Tuam Arts Festival

Martin Rochford

Aoife Cassidy

Dave Callan

Lucy Jones

Linda Monks

Jim Ricks

Sharon O'Grady

Tuam Arts Festival

Tuam shopping centre
Saturday 9th - 25th of August 2008

G126 Board members were invited by Visual Arts Co-Ordinator Joanne Hynes to exhibit at this years Tuam Arts Festival.

Aoife Cassidy: Installation Artist of Sorts A small installation of bits and pieces, including works on paper from a series called 'The Lonely Hearts Club' and video.

Dave Callan: Don't Panic We're All Doomed II"A mixed media installation of fear. paranoia, cheap chinese (made)labour and preparations for the imminent end of the world.

Jim Ricks: His work is combustive, rambunctious politically driven, found-objectbased multimedia work intended to disrupt the mainstream narrative.

Linda Monks: My work thus far has been an investigation of the self. I'm fascinated by Narcissistic Personality Disorder; the grandiose sense of self-importance.

Lucy Jones: The attack of the killer tomatoes! In Medieval times it was said that tomatoes were deadly poisonous.

Martin Rochford: Control My work is often influenced be the complexity of human interaction. Why do people put themselves in difficult situations?

Sharon O'Grady:
An artist and curator based in galway. She paints things on occasion.

Tuam Arts Festival site

8 Aug 2008

The Irish Artist-Led Archive

G126 presents:
The Irish Artist-Led Archive

The 'Irish Artist-led Archive - Sustainable Activism and the Embrace of Flux' is a curated archival project and touring exhibition that seeks to publicly present the rich history of Irish artist-led cultural Initiatives that have taken place over the past 30 years. The project forms an on-going investigation into artist-led initiatives in Ireland and aims to decipher the kind of cultural conditions that led to their birth, their economic independence (or lack of), their organizational structures and how all of these factors effected their activities and life spans.

The project uses a variety of live archiving strategies to initiate dialogue and debate into artsit-led culture. Methods in collecting information include live presentations, roundtable discussions, performance art works and word of mouth. Through the process of dialogue and exchange artist-led groups will have the freedom to continually develop and be involved in an evolving representation of their activities, rather than presenting a fixed definition of themselves within a permanent archive.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008 the project will be involved in many live events across Ireland and the archive and concurrent exhibition will tour to various art centres and spaces in Ireland. It is envisioned that this archive will be infinitely malleable and continue to evolve and change form according to the environment it finds itself in. As a traveling "housing of information" this archive will attempt to initiate and inform interest in artist-led culture in localized contexts by providing a national and international context for such activities.

The ALA website will continue grow to form an online resource and directory of artist-led culture in Ireland.
We are currently seeking out any information/memories of any artist-run collectives, co-operatives, projects, galleries, publications, project spaces from approx 1970 -present, from both North and South of the border. Even if you were not part of such initiatives but have some memories of them we would be pleased to hear from you . Likewise if you have any writings or relevant information that you feel could contribute to the project or would like to take part in, or initiate an event please contact: info@theartistledarchive.com


G126 will be hosting the ALA for the next few months. The archive is being housed in our office and is available to view by appointment or during regular gallery hours. Th-Sat, 12 - 5pm