15 Aug 2008

Tuam Arts Festival

Martin Rochford

Aoife Cassidy

Dave Callan

Lucy Jones

Linda Monks

Jim Ricks

Sharon O'Grady

Tuam Arts Festival

Tuam shopping centre
Saturday 9th - 25th of August 2008

G126 Board members were invited by Visual Arts Co-Ordinator Joanne Hynes to exhibit at this years Tuam Arts Festival.

Aoife Cassidy: Installation Artist of Sorts A small installation of bits and pieces, including works on paper from a series called 'The Lonely Hearts Club' and video.

Dave Callan: Don't Panic We're All Doomed II"A mixed media installation of fear. paranoia, cheap chinese (made)labour and preparations for the imminent end of the world.

Jim Ricks: His work is combustive, rambunctious politically driven, found-objectbased multimedia work intended to disrupt the mainstream narrative.

Linda Monks: My work thus far has been an investigation of the self. I'm fascinated by Narcissistic Personality Disorder; the grandiose sense of self-importance.

Lucy Jones: The attack of the killer tomatoes! In Medieval times it was said that tomatoes were deadly poisonous.

Martin Rochford: Control My work is often influenced be the complexity of human interaction. Why do people put themselves in difficult situations?

Sharon O'Grady:
An artist and curator based in galway. She paints things on occasion.

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