26 Jul 2013

Brian Kenny | Field

Field by Brian Kenny is a site-specific video mapping and light installation commissioned by Gallery 126 and the Galway Arts Festival.

Field is an exploration of the relationship between the subjective perceptions of a changing physical environment and the passing of time within an increasingly technologically mediated society. By both re-appropriating the physical as a digital landscape and immersing the user within the virtual, Field encourages the user to examine the physical effects of technological ch
ange and exponential growth on their own landscape. By exploring the boundaries between the perceived and the actual, Field questions our conception of the solidity of the natural world in the face of both natural process and human intervention.

Field utilises two-dimensional reverse video mapping techniques along with custom software and electronics to create virtual and physical lightscapes. Field makes use of the experimental PixelPusher technology with Processing. The technical realisation of the project was a collaborative process with designers and programmers Mick Murray and Tom O’Dea.

The audio, composed by Christian Kleine, is Red Norvo and is used with the kind permission of the artist.

Brian Kenny is a visual artist and designer whose work focuses on the transformation and manipulation of structures and spaces using digital lighting and projection technologies. He is a founding member of the collective Lightscape Ireland. His work has been show extensively throughout Ireland and internationally in Germany, Jordan and South Africa.

20 Jul 2013

Ben Geoghegan and Austin Ivers opening 126 Gallery in Flood Street, 19 July 2013 (Photo Kate Howard)

Cutting the ribbon, it's official now! (Photo Kate Howard)

Brian Kenny's FIELD, with thanks to Mick Murray, Tom O' Dea, John and Megan for help in realising this project

16 Jul 2013

126 presents:

July 19th - 31st  2013
Preview and Official opening of 126 Gallery | Friday 19th July 2013 | 6pm
Brian Kenny image
Image:Brian Kenny,
19 - 31 July 2013

126 is delighted to present new work by Brian Kenny and would like to invite you to the official opening of 126 Artist-run Gallery.

Please join us with 126 founding artists Austin Ivers and Ben Geoghegan at 6pm on Friday 19th July 2013 for a joint celebration of new work by Brain Kenny for Galway Arts Festival 2013 and the new gallery in Flood Street. 

FIELD is an immersive site-specific installation for the 126 gallery in conjunction with Galway Arts Festival. Using projection mapping techniques and custom built light sculptures, FIELD explores a journey through time and how the use and misuse of technology impacts on our perception of the space we inhabit.
Brian Kenny is a founding member of the Digital Arts collective Lightscape Ireland, and is currently based in South Studios, Dublin.
The main body of his work focuses on reconstructing and manipulating architecture and structure through the medium of projection mapping. Previous works include installations and projection mapping pieces for exhibitions and festivals across Ireland and internationally in Europe, South Africa and the Middle East,

FIELD is a collaboration between Brian & Lightscape member Mick Murray. In addition to working on numerous Lightscape installations, Mick has toured internationally as a Lighting Director & Associate Designer for several major theatre and dance productions in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and Russia.

6 Jul 2013



August -December 2013

Part-time, flexible, 2 hours per week
Duration: 5 months
Fee: €450

Closing Date for Submissions is midnight, Wednesday 31st July
Tracing Artists
126 are looking for a research assistant to work with us over a period of 5 months to help with the initial phase of a project we are calling Tracing Artists.

Tracing Artists aims to map networks of artists and artist-led spaces. Through several different stages, this interesting and unique project will visually articulate the value of smaller artist-led organisations in the trajectories of artist’s practices and careers. This will narrate the legacy, value, impact and oral memory of groups like 126 and make a case for the importance of small visual arts organisations. A gap was identified in this type of research when 126 were renegotiating funding with Galway City Council in December-January 2013.

The research assistant will work alongside appointed 126 board members to find, list and make contact with artists who have shown in 126 since 2005. This will be done through web research as well as our own physical archive and oral histories.

The position requires 2 research hours per week, for a 5 month period. A fee of €450 will be paid for this work.

The submission process is open to anyone with an interest in contemporary art and arts organisations. The successful applicant will be offered the position within 3 days of the deadline, with a view to an immediate start in the 1st week of August.

Please e-mail expressions of interest, along with a current C.V. and any evidence of previous research experience to contact@126.ie. The e-mail should be titled ‘Tracing Artists Research’.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, Wednesday 31st July.

Any queries regarding this position should be e-mailed to 
contact@126.ie, with the title 'Tracing Artist Research Query'.

This project is generously funded by the Arts Council of Ireland through the Project Award: Strand 2.