26 Jul 2013

Brian Kenny | Field

Field by Brian Kenny is a site-specific video mapping and light installation commissioned by Gallery 126 and the Galway Arts Festival.

Field is an exploration of the relationship between the subjective perceptions of a changing physical environment and the passing of time within an increasingly technologically mediated society. By both re-appropriating the physical as a digital landscape and immersing the user within the virtual, Field encourages the user to examine the physical effects of technological ch
ange and exponential growth on their own landscape. By exploring the boundaries between the perceived and the actual, Field questions our conception of the solidity of the natural world in the face of both natural process and human intervention.

Field utilises two-dimensional reverse video mapping techniques along with custom software and electronics to create virtual and physical lightscapes. Field makes use of the experimental PixelPusher technology with Processing. The technical realisation of the project was a collaborative process with designers and programmers Mick Murray and Tom O’Dea.

The audio, composed by Christian Kleine, is Red Norvo and is used with the kind permission of the artist.

Brian Kenny is a visual artist and designer whose work focuses on the transformation and manipulation of structures and spaces using digital lighting and projection technologies. He is a founding member of the collective Lightscape Ireland. His work has been show extensively throughout Ireland and internationally in Germany, Jordan and South Africa.