8 Feb 2012

In Memory of Pomegranates - Parminderjit Singh Bhangoo

126, Artist-run Gallery is pleased to present 'In Memory of Pomegranates', an exhibition of new work by Parminderjit Singh Bhangoo.

Opening reception: Saturday Feb 11th, 7pm
Exhibition runs: Feb 11th - March 3rd

I am an Indian artist born in Africa and matured in Europe and England. My work is closely connected with this upbringing and reflects my search into whom and what I was and have become, where my work represents the visual interpretation of my rational and irrational perceptions. As a person I am seen as, and I view myself as an outsider. Having spent my life in communities where due to upbringing, culture or appearance I differ and am easily identified as not belonging. In my work I attempt to understand my own nature, emotions and drives; using these to create a connection with the viewer at a deeper subconscious level. My own subconscious drives hopefully resonating with those of the viewer and so creating a form of communication at a more basic honest level. However for me and my work there is always an autobiographic element, conscious or unconscious, emotional or historic, realistic or atmospheric. It is not possible to be a modern day artist and not include some part of yourself in any art work. The starting point of any new work is the analysis of my cultural diaspora. Using a variety of materials and techniques I paint, draw, take photographs and build installations, all depending on the needs of the work and my feelings at that moment.

Parminder graduated in 2008 at Academie Minerva Groningen, The Netherlands. He has exhibited amongst others in Vibe Gallery London 2011, Anwas Amsterdam 2011, The Journey/Die Riese Skpn, Groningen 2011, Kunststelling, Alkmaar 2010 and Galerie Kunstwan, Tilburg 2009.