12 May 2014

Too Many Dinner Parties

Too Many Dinner Parties
An Engage Studios Project Presents
a live sound performance by

Sven Anderson and Russell Hart
Sunday the 11th of May at 6PM in 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Flood Street, Galway.

Engage Studios are proud to present the final event taking place as part of Too Many Dinner Parties project at 126 Artist-Run Gallery by Russell Hart and Sven Anderson.

Too Many Dinner Parties has been a series of exhibitions and events involving three curatorial projects by PS² (Belfast), Russell Hart (formerly Economic Thought Projects, Galway) and Paul Hallahan (formerly SOMA Contemporary, Waterford). These events and exhibitions have taken place in The Shed and 126 and the final event returns to Galway's only artist run gallery.

On the 11th of May at 6PM Sven Anderson and Russell Hart will be using field recordings taken during the exhibition run as a starting point for a live sound work in 126. Through performing in 126 Anderson and Hart will be returning many of the recorded sounds to their original point of origin. These recordings will be heavily processed by Anderson's custom made software and augmented by a combination of Hart's homemade and electronic instruments.

All work produced in the Too Many Dinner Parties exhibition series focused specifically on participatory art and collaborative engagements. Engage studio members, national artists, disparate groups and people from different cities and communities were invited to respond to one-of-a-kind curatorial programme. Too Many Dinner Parties is an Engage Studios Project that has been generously funded by The Arts Council of Ireland through the Visual Art Project Award and is coordinated by Engage Studios members Shelly McDonnell, Carol Anne Connolly and Vicky Smith.