19 Aug 2013

ARTIST TALK 8 | Aaron Lawless

Thursday 22nd August 2013 | 7pm
Free event open to all

126 Artist Talk | Aaron Lawless
Thursday 22nd August 2013 | 7pm

126 presents its ongoing series of Artists talks that aim to encourage critical conversations about contemporary art practice in Ireland. Artist Aaron Lawless will discuss the development of his artistic practice along with a presentation of a selection of his works.

Aaron Lawless' works are playful experiments of authorship and authority.
Using the urban environment as an entry in which to engage with the individual. His works are transitional objects that cross reference components of the every day, giving them new meaning and new use. Lawless' practice involves recycling leftover found materials into startling arrangements, exhibited as installations or as sculptural entities. Often guided by YouTube tutorials and DIY instruction manuals, his constructions rarely hold an allusion to high art, rather that he sees them as makeshift solutions made with the resources at hand…. Drawing on the viewer’s personal relationship with the objects, in their new and old forms. Activating the viewer and blurring lines of participation. Or maybe just asking “sure, what is the use?”
As a contemporary art practitioner engaging in aspects of improvisation and frugality, specialising in making performances and installations in public spaces, Lawless has been invited to work with local environmental group Transition Galway. During this talk, Aaron will give an introduction and background to his series of work todate, as they playfully related to ideas of exchange and economy, whilst opening up a discussion on the possibilities of activating a new cultural and creative context working within Transition Galway.

Selected Works:

2013 Culture Night Lawless will present a series of musical instruments in ‘Visual’ Carlow, made of recycled and found material located around the Carlow area.
These forms will be used on the night in a public event with local musicians. 
For further information visit… http://www.visualcarlow.ie/exhibitions/info/transitional-instruments

2013 “Act of Portrayal”,Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland
“Welcome to the neighborhood”, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Askeaton,Limerick, Ireland
“Whats A Little Fallout?”, St. Patricks Day Parade, Askeaton Contemporary Arts, Askeaton,Limerick, Ireland
2012 Eva International, Faber Studios, Re-Possesion, Curated by Annie Fletcher
2011 Chairperson Faber Studios-to present,
2009 “Aulstubleift”, Das Built, Utrecht, Netherlands
“Plotfarm”, Zal 100, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2008 “Way Out”, Limerick, Ireland

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