12 Jun 2013

ARTFarm Residency Recipients 2013


July : Siobhan McGibbon
August : Ciara Healy & Karl Musson

126 are delighted to announce the recipients of our ARTFarm residency for 2013.

Siobhan McGibbon (Ireland) has been awarded the July residency, and Ciara Healy and Karl Musson (Wales) have been awarded the August residency. Residencies will lead to an exhibition of work shown in 126 Gallery.

McGibbon has a keen interest in science, particularly medical science and the practice of diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities. She is engrossed by the body’s ability to stretch and morph itself almost beyond human recognition. Uncommon conditions such as neoplasm’s, caused by abnormal proliferation of tissues, which can be caused by genetic mutations, dominate the artists practice. The artist finds delight in the very thought that the vessel in which we live in is capable of developing these mammoth forms that can almost consume oneself.

Healy and Musson's arts practice focuses on the meaning of the concept of ‘Thinness’ in contemporary thinking. Thin places are traditionally understood to be portals or thresholds that allow souls to connect to Other Worlds. 
Their proposition is that ‘Thinness’ can induce a feeling that the whole universe of concrete objects as we know them, swims with us in a wider universe of abstract yet interconnected ideas, which the 19th Century philosopher William James described as a “belief that there is an unseen order.” The concept of Thinness is currently being employed in Ciara Healy’s doctoral research and Karl Musson’s creative practice in order to meet what we argue is a serious contemporary need.

We would like to thank everyone who applied for the ARTFarm residency, and we look forward to offering more opportunities in the near future.