28 Nov 2012

Breaking the line _ _ _ Lotte Bender, Declan Casey, Gerard Garvey, Barry McHugh

126 present:

Breaking the line _ _ _ _

Lotte Bender    Declan Casey

Gerard Garvey    Barry McHugh

1-22 December 2012

Preview: Friday 30 November, 7- 9pm,
with opening night performances by
Declan Casey and Gerard Garvey.
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Image:  HotStr8actn2012  Gerard Garvey

Breaking the line _ _ _ _  

126 Gallery presents a show by four recent graduates from Galway & Mayo Institute of Technology, and  Limerick School of Art and Design. 

This exhibition is a showcase of new work by four recent graduates.  Responding to the theme ‘Breaking the line’, each artist has engaged with powerful issues of perception, futility, identity and ownership in modern contemporary living.

Lotte Bender

Lotte Bender lives in Limerick and graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design with a BA in Sculpture and Combined Media.

She has an interest in how perception shapes our views of the world and how this perception can be influenced, especially by the mass media.  By combining these questions within her artistic practice the aim within many of her projects, inspire dialogue and ask open-ended questions.

Declan Casey

Declan Casey was born in Dublin, but lives and works now in County Limerick.  Casey graduated from Limerick College of Art and Design with a BA in Sculpture and Combined Media.

Moby Strets is his alter ego, who questions the futility found in many aspects of contemporary living. This is done using both live and video performance. 

The current video piece is part of an ongoing larger work in the form of a surreal short video film featuring Moby.

Gerard Garvey

Gerard Garvey is from Ballinasloe and graduated from GMIT, with a BA in Sculpture.

Garvey's work is based on sexuality, gender and the complexities  that gay identities face with conforming to or rejecting society's stereotyping critical perceptions.

Blurring and testing gender roles that are placed on men, Garvey is interested in the constraints that are constructed to maintain the ' macho man' social order and wants to push the boundaries on what is deemed adequate behavior for men in society today.

Barry McHugh

From Largydonnell, Co.Leitrim, Barry McHugh graduated from GMIT, with a BA  in Fine Art.

Through incursions and re-appropriation of images, McHugh breaks the line of creation and looks at issues of ownership in regard to the printed image.

Deliberately altering the images, McHugh changes the way the images are viewed, giving a feeling of displacement.

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