11 Jan 2012

The 5th Annual 126 Members' Show

The 5th Annual 126 Members' Show

Jan 11th - Feb 4th, 2012

5th Annual 126 Members' Show

As part of our continued commitment to support our membership, 126 is delighted to present its 5th Annual Members’ Show.

The 5th Annual 126 Members Show pays tribute to pre-eminent curator Walter Hopps’ seminal 36 Hours project at MOTA (The Museum of Temporary Art), Washington, USA in 1978. Opening initially with a blank gallery, the project will allow any 126 member to deliver a single new piece of work to the gallery, without fear of censorship or rejection, whereupon it will be hung there and then by a member of the 126 board. The show will be inclusive, making no distinction between artists or selection of works. 126 will adhere to this framework in an attempt to explore curatorial models and boundaries, and experiment with exhibition formats.

126 will accept work in any medium and in any (reasonable) size. It is not necessary to make a written submission, however if you feel that your piece may have specific or unusual installation requirements, it is advised that you contact 126 beforehand, so we may make all efforts to accommodate the given piece. Work may be delivered to 126’s Queen Street premises from the 11th January onwards, or at any point during the exhibition (see dates below).

The only condition to take part in the exhibition is that you are a current 126 member. 126 annual membership costs €10 for waged or €5 for students/unwaged. You can become a member of 126 by dropping in to us in person, posting on a completed membership form and fee, or by using the PayPal function on our website. Membership forms can be downloaded here.

The Annual Members’ Show is a vital part of 126. It is open to all members and is a great opportunity for emerging artists. We also encourage members to make exhibition proposals throughout the year. In addition to this, 126 members will have access to discounted rates on a number of events throughout the year including, workshops, seminars and screenings. Invitations and opportunities to take part in 126 projects and collaborations throughout the programme year are offered to current 126 members only. Members can also avail of listing a link to their website from the 126 website.

11th - 14th January, 1pm - 6pm 
18th - 21st January, 1pm - 6pm 
25th - 28th January, 1pm - 6pm 

Wednesday 1st February, 7.00pm - 9.00pm