22 Sept 2008

Duty Dance & workshop

Duty Dance

Performances by Dan Monks, Sinead McCann and Naomi Sex
Opening reception – 7pm Saturday September 27th 2008

For this collaborative weeklong project, the artists will use the behaviour traits of feral pigeons, bowerbirds and washing machines as reference points to explore our relationship with the urban system of governed spaces and the power structures that exist within them. Working in a similar manner as Thursday’s workshop, the artists’ week long investigation will consist of the development of micro-performances, the continuous structural modification of the gallery (so as to delineate performance areas and viewing points; this will entail the building of walls, corridors, and platforms), and the collection of audio recordings. Additionally, the entire process will operate under an open doors policy and will culminate in a performance on 7pm, Saturday September 27th 2008.


Performance Workshop

ALL AFTERNOON – Thursday September 25th 2008. Opening reception at 7pm. Limited spaces, please RSVP: contactg126@gmail.com

Dan Monks, Sinead McCann and Naomi Sex have been invited by 126 to use the gallery space as a centre for performance workshops. The artists will provide a one-off professional training workshop, as well as develop a series of micro-performances with third-level students at GMIT and the Burren College of Art. Envisioned as a collaboration, this project will explore themes of family structure, home, and power structures.

The two-day workshop will begin through simple exercises designed to stimulate the audience, regardless of prior experiences with performance. Various performative strategies will be delivered through participatory manoeuvres. Imaginative prop construction will be encouraged. A series of small-micro performances will be developed, culminating in an exhibition that evening at 7pm, Thursday September 25th 2008.