12 Sept 2007

The but Y section ?

Fears have been expressed over the deterioration of the old City Museum located at Comerford House at the Spanish Arch. There are concerns the property is being destroyed due to a lack of upkeep by city management. The historic property was donated to the city council by the Comerford family to be used for community purposes. However, it has now fallen into disrepair, and the remaining artefacts housed in the old museum are being hit by rain and rising damp.

The Galway Civic Trust has expressed an interest in taking over the management of the building. Spokesperson Dello Collier said they are interested in city hall assigning it to them. She said they have a project in mind to keep the building for community use but would not divulge the information at this time.

The issue was raised at this week’s city council meeting. Outspoken Councillor Padraig Conneely voiced his concerns over the upkeep of Comerford House and hit out at the new museum calling it a “white elephant”. City Council official, Kevin Swift said there were issues surrounding Comerford House “by virtue of its listing”

From The Galway Independent, Wednesday 12th of Sept.