2 Aug 2007

Mick Fortune - "Reigning Cats And Dogs" G126 004

Mick Fortune - "Reigning Cats And Dogs"

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For the G126 show the artist presents a newly created multi-channel video installation which was recorded in the artist’s family home in Co. Wexford over the 2006 Christmas period.

Reigning Cats and Dogs is comprised of various recordings which depict mini incidents involving the family pets and his immediate family. Filmed from the animal’s perspective, each fixed-frame shot portrays a domestic-styled wildlife documentary where animals co-exist, share and interact in a house full of humans and other animals. Each recording was made at different times and stages of the day and so allows the viewer to witness the calm and chaotic rhythms which exist in the daily household routine.

This work documents the age-old relationship between animals and humans and explores their personal and shared territories within this domestic environment.

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