4 Aug 2007

I see Prisms & A Synesthesiacs's Sketchbook

For the Galway Arts Festival 2007.

The Open Eye Club presents ‘ I see Prism’

The Open Eye Club was founded in 2005 by Karen Cunningham & Leonora Hennessy.
The Club curates one off events to show video and animation alongside, installation, painting and performance. The Club is also evolved in commissioned the production of new videos by artists. All the events are FREE, ONE-OFF for ONE-NIGHT only occasions which aim to provide for the artists and viewers a unique and communal viewing experience. Amongst the artists featured at these events, Jim Lambie former Turner Prize Nominate and Dave Sherry who showed as part of Beck’s Futures at the ICA London, CCA Glasgow and Southampton.

As part the eight strong artists to show at this event, we are delighted to be showing some a new work by international artist David Shrigley.

‘I see Prisms’ will be the first event by The Open Eye Club to take place outside of Glasgow. The Club have programmed a selection of 9 artists whose work reflects contemporary art being made in Glasgow and includes for the first time, work by The Open Eye Clubs curators.

As well as a screening in two parts the event will feature a ‘live slide projection’ performance by artist/photographer Fred Pedersen. This performance in is a new work that has grown out of his first performance at The Open Eye Clubs 5th event which took place in December ’06.

Artists showing in the event:

Originally from Iceland Sigga Bjorg Sigurdardottir works primarily with drawing and animation. She is represented by Galerie Adler Germany.

Ann Bowman is an American painter based in Glasgow who has recently started making videos.

Karen Cunningham originally studied photography. Her practice has expanded to include sculpture, video and painting.

Formally a lighting designer since the early 90s Ronnie Heeps has been involved in performance, public art and painting.

Leonora Hennessy is from a painting background, she currently works with found objects and new media.

Ciara Phillips work incorporates elements of painting printmaking drawing and sewing and now video.

Originally from Canada Gordon Schmidt has a background in sculpture and is now working with painting and video installations.

David Shrigley is a Glasgow based artist with a diverse art practice who is internationally known for his drawings. He is represented by Stephen Friedman.

who i am and what i want by david shrigley and chris shepherd

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A Synesthesiacs Sketchbook

Curated by Karen Cunningham & Leonora Hennessy

Gallery g126 – Galway, Ireland
17th – 28th July 2007

Originally from Belfast Neil Clements studied painting at Glasgow School of Art. By taking romanticised modes of production as a starting point Clements draws out a sense of fatalism inseparable from the idea of a purely formal artwork. Pace ‘til Death is from an ongoing series of paintings that take as their starting point catalogue images of artists’ studios and related sources. The title is borrowed from a Song by Scandinavian Black Metal pioneers Bathory. Codified as paint and represented as a ghostly backdrop, the Pace Gallery becomes a sentimentalised reflection on the flawed idea of an entirely self-referential practice.

Leonora Hennessy studied painting at Limerick School of Art before going to Glasgow to study for a MFA at Glasgow School of Art. Using a broad range of found materials she is continuously re-evaluating the parameters of drawing and the use of line in her practice, primarily through video, sculpture, installation and drawing.

By documenting banal events and brief encounters with strangers, Fred Pedersen investigates formal relationships such as the relations between the individual subjects and their environment; those specific to photography which emerge during the process of photographing between photographer and subject and those subsequent relationships between author and viewer. The connections formed between these photographs emphasise their real and constructed similarities, establishing a resistance by each individual photograph to be categorised as either document or fiction, existing as both simultaneously.' Pedersen recently exhibited in a 2-person show at the Transmission Gallery in Glasgow where he also launched a limited edition publication of his work.

Karen Cunningham studied photography at Edinburgh College of Art and then on the MFA program at Glasgow School of Art. Influenced by science and fiction (or speculative fictions) her work draws upon the notion of a 'common sense' relationship to knowledge and experience; the idea that there is a generally accepted view of the things based on innate rationality, a form of pre-cultural reasoning used to apprehend the world.

Dave Sherry was short listed for the Becks Futures prize in 2003 and has just returned from a yearlong residency at Villa Concordia in Bamberg, Germany. He will be exhibiting in Dublin and Geneva later this year.
“In this work I wanted to analyse an image, a photograph of an iconic figure. I wanted this simple task to be a documentary. This work is my version of 'The South Bank Show' or 'Horizon'. I don't ever want to give out the identity of the subject and in this way the TV program is a guess who. The seriousness of the image I describe is contradicted by the manner in which the work is presented. These kinds of contradictions are vitally important to me in trying to create a dynamic within a work.”

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