6 May 2014

126 Dialogues | Representations | Tom O'Dea & Austin D.H. Ivers

126 Dialogues is proud to present:

Tom O'Dea & Austin D. H. Ivers 

1st May | 5pm
126 Gallery | Flood Street

Artists Tom O'Dea and Austin D. H. Ivers will discuss the exhibition Representations.
They will also discuss Tom O'Dea's PhD research that is focussed on investigating the impact of the networked society on concepts of the self and on the systems of post-industrial capitalism that underpin the global political economy.

Representations is an exhibition about data, categorisation and the self. By exposing the available data that exists around himself, Tom O'Dea attempts to expose the gaps that exist between representations and the things they attempt to describe. The exhibition encourages the examination of both the data structures that exist around our daily lives and our motivations for their use.

In Representations the gallery is split into two parts. The first of which includes the various collections of the artists data including the institutional, social and biological. In the second room the artist is present for the duration of the exhibition where he continues his daily work.

Tom O'Dea is an artist and doctoral researcher at the Arts Technology Research Lab of Trinity College Dublin. He is undertaking a Visual Arts practice based PhD investigating the impact of emergent technologies on the philosophical concept of the self. Tom is a graduate of UCD and NUIG, he is originally from Sligo and is currently based in Dublin.

Austin D. H. Ivers is an artist and lecturer in Digital Media in CCAM (GMIT). Austin, along with Ben Geoghegan, co-founded 126, Artist-run Gallery in 2005.

Representations runs until Sunday the 4th of May.