8 Nov 2012

126 and TULCA present:


Conor McFeely

10 - 23 November 2012

Preview: Friday 09 November, 6pm
Conor McFeely
Image: Weathermen Projects, Conor McFeely, 2012

Weatherman - Conor Mc Feely

Shown for TULCA 2012 are extracts from the Weathermen projects in the form of video and audio sequences. The Weathermen projects draw upon an interest in a history of arcane references including “the weathermen” a clandestine revolutionary party in the 60’s and 70’s for the violent overthrow of the US government and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat. They famously aided the jailbreak and escape of Timothy Leary. It is a landscape of the interior as much as the exterior of human experience as structured by diverse forces from the meteorological to the personal and the social.

Conor McFeely’s works have an emphasis on the manipulation of space and the idiosyncratic use of materials and media. The contexts for these works have been varied and include references to literature, cinema, art history and social contexts amongst others. He has been referred to by the Guardian newspaper as a twenty-first century electro-alchemist. His work which has often been informed by cult literature, has also been described as jump cut rather than linear, and been likened to a diatribe, more from the lips of Mark E Smith than William Burroughs, a sort of post-punk diorama. Recent shows include The Cologne Video Art Festival, CologneOFF 2012 and The Night of the Long Knives (Weathermen projects) as part of an AIR Residency at NKD Dale Norway, 2012.