14 Dec 2011

Austin D. H. Ivers - On The Beach

On the Beach

New work by Austin D. H. Ivers

December 14th - January 7th

Opening reception - Saturday December 10th at 7pm

Gallery will be closed for Christmas between December 23rd - January 3rd

“People can’t touch. I can’t touch you. The idea of us touching enrages… To communicate, we resort to technologies. Analogue signals sent to tubes translate an idea from me to you. To do otherwise would be fatal. Such is this, our year 1981.”

In his new one person show, “On The Beach”, Austin D. H. Ivers continues his crippling fascination with imagined pasts and murky futures. Set in the early eighties, a series of interrogations are conducted, via CCTV. We cannot know what they are about or where they are taking place. There can be no meaning to this.

Austin is an artist and teacher based in Galway. He has shown and toured, most recently with Live8 and Tulca. This is only his third solo exhibition, the previous ones having in Cork and Tralee. Austin, along with Ben Geoghegan, co-founded 126, Artist-run Gallery.