22 Nov 2008

I've Become a Magpie

126 presents:

I've Become a Magpie

New work by Cian McConn

Featuring collaborations with Vivienne Griffin and Kay Merryweather.
Curated by Mary Nally

November 27th – December 13th , 2008
Thurs – Sat, 12-5pm or by appointment.
Opening reception: Thursday, November 27th, 2008 at 7pm

"We inhabit a universe with which we are out of key, man is
bewildered, troubled and obscurely threatened…"

– Martin Esslin, 'Theater of the Absurd'

McConn has spent two years living and working in New York City. This exhibition is a commentary on his experiences of America in uncertain times. His inspirations come from the environment which surrounds him, whether that is working in an office or a restaurant. His work addresses his own struggle to find not just a job but a place to be, a place to call home even if its just for a while.

By using combined media – video, collage, photography, performance – an assemblage of ideas is created. The work embraces a low-tech approach and creates simple, poetic pieces, in an attempt to communicate how vulnerable we are to the ploys of a fickle world.

Using humour, elements of romanticism and borrowing from schools of thought such as the Theater of the Absurd and The Situationist International, Cian McConn to comes to terms with an urban environment in which everyone is seemingly vying for attention through fashion, the media and desire.

I've Become a Magpie also opens up the creative process to involve other artists in a collaborative role. For this exhibition McConn will show a piece from a series of photographs he is currently working
on with New York based Irish artist Vivienne Griffin and work from an ongoing video series with free lance musician and performer Kay Merryweather.

126 is an artist-run project and gallery space in Galway, which promotes experimental and risk-taking artworks that wouldn't normally be shown in museums or commercial galleries. 126 is democratically organised and has an active membership of over 100.

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Thurs – Sat, 12-5pm or by appointment.

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