17 Sept 2008

Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue

126 with Galway Culture Night 2008 presents:

Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue
A performance and temporary installation by Dan Monks

Friday September 19th 2008, 7-11pm
Spanish Arch, Galway City Museum

126 is pleased to make possible an unique evening of performance and temporary installation. Glasgow-based performance artist Dan Monks will intervene on the streets of Galway. He will be using only the streets, the company of pigeons, a shopping trolley and a lot of cardboard.

Dan Monks will be traversing Galway with a shopping trolley, gathering cardboard from the outside of shops, from the backstreets, from bins, etc. Dan and his makeshift materials will converge with audience members at Spanish Arch from 7-11pm and over the course of the night the cardboard will be built into a miniature 'city'.

Additionally, Dan will be feeding the local birds in and around the 'city' and supplying sound-based excursions for the enjoyment of the passers-by, the birds, and himself.

Dan Monks was borne in 1981 in Dublin and raised in the suburbs. In 2005 he moved to Glasgow to attend the Master of Fine Art program at the Glasgow School of Art. Negotiation, collaboration and utterance are three words he keeps returning to in relation to his work. He lives and operates, most often, in Glasgow.

G126 is an artist-led project and gallery space in Galway, which promotes experimental artworks that wouldn't be shown in conventional institutions such as commercial galleries.