10 Apr 2008

Sacred & Profane

G126 Presents:

Sacred and Profane
Work From 9 Emerging San Francisco Artists
Curated by Jim Ricks

Alika Cooper
Lisa Rybovich Cralle
Jeremy Ehling
Cameron Hasslebusch
Chris Lux
Jennifer Marshall
Laura Plageman
Rob Sato
Hank Willis Thomas

April 17th - May 24th

Reception: 7pm, Thursday, 17th of April 2008. To be opened by Galway City Councilor Mary Leahy

G126, Ballybane Ind Est, Tuam Rd, Galway, Ireland
Gallery hours: Thursday - Saturday, 12 - 5 pm

Features new work by a diverse selection of emerging artists based in the San Francisco area. This is the first time any of these artists have shown in Ireland. The artworks range from delicate, intimate watercolours and detailed illustrations to strong conceptual photography and ramshackle installations.

The show is curated around the theme of the Sacred and the Profane. Contemporary US society has become increasingly contradictory, particularly in fast-paced regions like San Francisco. This dichotomy becomes apparent in the artworks through explorations of long overlooked conflicts and re-evaluations of fame, glamour and even reality. An inevitable disappointment is evident as the gloss of American life fades and cracks, to reveal a chaotic past and present of exploitation. The works of these 9 artists deal with both the beauty and the darker sides of post-modern America.